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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to hiring.


If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re frustrated with your current hiring process or you’re exploring new ways to connect with talent.


Maybe You…

You want to spend more hours on the work you actually love to do and get the recruitment process off of your plate.

Are struggling to find top performers?

You’d love to wake up to an inbox filled with highly qualified, vetted candidates who are eager to leave their mark.

Want some fresh perspective?

Your current hiring process is outdated and tired, and you’re ready to make an impression that unlocks greatness with partners you know and trust.

We prepare our clients for growth with a highly customized process.

We’re on a mission to strengthen your hiring process.

At Search Collective, we offer an energized approach to modern recruitment.

Our Story


We’re Marisa and James, a team of siblings who are fascinated by search and passionate about providing our partners with premium results. We’ve been connecting high achieving brands with high achieving candidates for a long time… long enough to feel frustrated by the weight of traditional search practices. Practices that tend to be impersonal, rigid, and fail to meet the needs and timelines of heart-centered brands. Since using a standard practice wasn’t delivering our clients a premium result, we decided to make a change.

To do better. To offer more flexibility by bending to meet the needs of our partners, and to recruit with an emphasis on humanity. The result? A world of difference. Our new approach to executive search fosters impactful relationships with lasting results. Many of our placements have flourished in their roles well beyond the first year. We work hard, laugh often, and love connecting. We love a good underdog story, and we’re grateful to work alongside organizations who are driving meaningful change.

Marisa Hohaia

Co-Founder/Executive Recruiter

Sales + Marketing Positions for Interior & Exterior Products

Marisa loves connecting people. She has a deep understanding and fascination with recruitment and the inner workings of people in the workplace. With a Master’s Degree of Organizational Psychology, she can acclimate swiftly to a company’s culture and provide informed insight into accomplishing an effective hire. Her years of experience sourcing talent for Fortune 500 CPG clients and private manufacturers has given her awareness in the industry and enabled her to refine the recruitment process.

James Witzel

Co-Founder/Sales Recruiter

Sales Positions for Commercial/Residential Interior & Exterior Products

James knows how to scale. His involvement in several startup communities has granted the experience to know when to focus on your strengths and how to hire the right team. James thinks in systems and enjoys creating a structured approach to organizational growth, both financial and cultural. He is dedicated to providing thoughtful and effective search strategies, and to representing every individual candidate’s best interests.

Positions filled

We serve entrepreneurial and startup organizations in high-growth mode or who are looking to disrupt the market. Flexing to best meet the needs of our partners has allowed us to fill a variety of positions.

General Manager
Director of Sales
Brand Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing Specialist
Business Development Manager
Strategic Account Manager
A+D Sales
Dealer Business Manager
Territory Manager
Director Channel Sales
Sales Manager
VP of Sales
Social Media Manager
Sales Rep
Global Account Manager
Project Manager
HR Director
Attract top performers with a compelling pitch and resolute strategy


"I've worked with Marisa and James as a job candidate, and found them to be professional, consultative, and trustworthy in their interactions. They took the time to get to know me, to honestly assess my gifts, and they coached me throughout the process with clear and timely updates. I'd highly recommend them to both job seekers and employers."

Ryan Anderson, VP of Product Marketing & Workplace Strategy at Teem, a WeWork company

"I've worked with James on multiple searches. He takes the time up front to really understand what I need, which saves a lot of energy downstream in the process. Everyone on the shortlist is hooked on the position by the time they even get to me. Candidates are thoroughly vetted, and reports are created so that once I speak with a candidate I am entirely up to speed, enabling me to dive deeper, and fast. He is both professional and fun, making hiring great people that much easier."

Meg Bruce Conway, VP - A&D North America, at Humanscale

"I would highly recommend working with Marisa and James. They contacted me for my current position when I wasn’t even looking to make a change. Their ability to know the marketplace and assess someone’s skill set and career goals, and then matching that to job openings was very impressive. They also were very responsive, transparent and professional with all communication and negotiations. They actually are family - and they make their clients feel like family as well."

Cheryl Carpenter, Vice President at West Elm Work

"Marisa displays incredible professionalism in her approach to recruitment. It was refreshing to have a high level of follow up, guidance throughout the process and constant attention to detail. Efficient, knowledgeable and caring are what make Marisa exceptional."

Gary Scitthelm, General Manager of Architectural Walls at Inscape

Executive search services to help you scale with confidence. We love connecting high achieving brands with high achieving candidates, and we look forward to connecting with you.

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