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Our Approach

Customized for every client, Every time.

Your business is unique. So why should your search process be like everyone else’s? At Search Collective, we have a retained search method, which means you get a highly customized approach based on your exact needs. We work hard to understand your culture and core values,

which allows us to develop deep, meaningful relationships and deliver better, more sustainable results. In fact, we can guarantee that each of our placements will flourish in their roles beyond their first year. At Search Collective, our approach is flexible, tailored, and best of all, it works.

Targeted results for your growing team.

Instead of throwing darts in every direction hoping for a bullseye, we tailor your experience to match your exact needs from the very beginning. Here are some of the things we can accomplish together:

  • Market / compensation analysis
  • Calibration exercise
  • Position description development
  • On-site recruitment team education
  • Candidate presentations
  • Creating a candidate pool
  • Custom interview questions
  • Reference check development
  • Personality profiling
  • Aptitude and EQ assessments
  • Interview support and guides
  • Design exercises and assessments
  • Candidate and client debriefing
  • Competitive offer extension
  • Offer development and coaching

Our Process

With an emphasis on lasting results, our work is centered around clarifying your message, spreading the word, and strengthening your culture and team.

Analyze + Strategize

Starting with an in-depth consultation, we develop an understanding of your business and talent needs. Together, we define the skills and personality traits that best align with your positions. This information enables us to craft a compelling story built around your “why” that generates candidate interest. Next, while identifying all potential candidates in the market, we develop custom questions for initial screening calls.

Recruit + Consult

We meticulously work to connect with top performers, delivering a compelling pitch. Our outreach involves email, cold-calling, social channels, and other digital methods. Following an initial screening and assessment of fit, we conduct our own interviews and reference checks. Finally, we consult with each candidate on the opportunity and gauge the fit with their own interests, as well as company culture and environment.

Present + Support

Along the way, we provide detailed progress updates and include candidate resumes to get your early feedback on to ensure that we are on track. We present a refined shortlist and deliver thorough notes regarding the qualifications of each candidate. From end-to-end we simplify and offer support as needed for scheduling interviews, obtaining candidate feedback, candidate correspondence, compensation advisement, and extending offers on your behalf. Candidates are also released from the process with transparency and respect.

Build a team that enhances your culture and brand presence, and strengthens your bottom line.
Interested in learning more about Contingent Recruitment VS our Retained Search method?
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Contingent Recruitment
Retained Search
Contingent firms are paid only when a candidate they have presented to you is hired.
Retained firms require an upfront fee to begin searching. This fee is subtracted from the final placement fee.
They tend to take on as many clients and positions as they can to maximize revenue.
These firms develop a hands on, in-depth relationship with each client.
Heavy dependency on job boards & job postings to attract active candidates that are easily accessible in the market in order to reduce cycle times.
Charge more than contingency firms because they invest invaluable time into the process, making sure to align critical information beyond skill sets, such as culture, values, and goals of the candidate with those of the client.
Recruiter typically works 10+ searches simultaneously with various clients to offset inherent risks.
Holistic recruiting approach that actively targets the best passive candidates through cold-calling, referral generation, and social media campaigns.
Processes are primarily focused on expediency, and not necessarily candidate quality.
Recruiter is highly focused on the client’s needs and manages only 1 -2 searches at any given time.
The Recruiter typically just gathers a resume and puts the candidate through a short, generic interview before submitting to the client, leaving the client to do a lot of the fit evaluation themselves.
Research, recruiting, and qualification processes are designed and thoughtfully crafted to consistently produce higher quality candidates.
Once candidates have been submitted, follow-up, communication, and support are minimal.
Candidates are thoroughly vetted before being presented and the recruiter will walk both the candidates and the client through the entire interview process addressing concerns, gathering additional information, and pre-closing candidates prior to offer.
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"I've worked with Marisa and James as a job candidate, and found them to be professional, consultative, and trustworthy in their interactions. They took the time to get to know me, to honestly assess my gifts, and they coached me throughout the process with clear and timely updates. I'd highly recommend them to both job seekers and employers."

Ryan Anderson, VP of Product Marketing & Workplace Strategy at Teem, a WeWork company

"I've worked with James on multiple searches. He takes the time up front to really understand what I need, which saves a lot of energy downstream in the process. Everyone on the shortlist is hooked on the position by the time they even get to me. Candidates are thoroughly vetted, and reports are created so that once I speak with a candidate I am entirely up to speed, enabling me to dive deeper, and fast. He is both professional and fun, making hiring great people that much easier."

Meg Bruce Conway, VP - A&D North America, at Humanscale

"I would highly recommend working with Marisa and James. They contacted me for my current position when I wasn’t even looking to make a change. Their ability to know the marketplace and assess someone’s skill set and career goals, and then matching that to job openings was very impressive. They also were very responsive, transparent and professional with all communication and negotiations. They actually are family - and they make their clients feel like family as well."

Cheryl Carpenter, Vice President at West Elm Work

"Marisa displays incredible professionalism in her approach to recruitment. It was refreshing to have a high level of follow up, guidance throughout the process and constant attention to detail. Efficient, knowledgeable and caring are what make Marisa exceptional."

Gary Scitthelm, General Manager of Architectural Walls at Inscape

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